I am a London based visual artist, painter and documentary filmmaker. My practice explores themes like memory, temporality, sense of belonging and tangible remnants of the past.

I lecture in documentary film at Middlesex University and, besides documentary, my specialism also includes academic practice research and fine art. I completed my practise-as-research PhD at the University of Bristol, with the thesis entitled ‘The River Danube as a Holocaust Landscape: the journey of the Kladovo transport’. I went on to publish some of this work, including the film Two Emperors and a Queen, in Screenworks (2019) and Journal of Media Practice and Education (2019).

Since, and alongside studio practice, I am involved in developing new projects, including Screening Barnet.

My artworks have been exhibited internationally in five solo and a number of group exhibitions, following my BA and MA studies in Fine Art (painting) at the Arts University in Belgrade.