The River Danube as a Holocaust Landscape: the Journey of the ‘Kladovo transport’

PhD project at the University of Bristol, comprises documentary film, painting and written theses.

In late autumn 1939, a group of about 1000 Jewish emigrants, mainly from Vienna, embarked on an organised escape journey down the river Danube, away from central Europe and Nazi persecutions. Joined by approximately 200 more Jewish refugees later on along their way, this group became later known as the ‘Kladovo transport’ (sometimes also referred to as the ‘Transport Kladovo- Šabac’). Their journey was supposed to take them to the Black Sea, and further on to Eretz Israel (Palestine). However, for the majority of the group the trip ended fatally in 1941-42 in Serbia.

My study traces places and spaces relevant for this journey.

Two Emperors and a Queen

Sabac Exile

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Postcards/Past Matters

Haptic states